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To Whom it May Concern

We offer several options to help you get started in selling our CD manuals with
no large upfront investment. Our discounts from 10% up to 50% are all based on
monthly numbers. Once you reach a discount for two consecutive months then it
will not go back below that discount, however it can go higher. All discounts are
based on the retail price of $49.95 in U.S. Funds.

20% discount for sales up to Twenty Five CDs in one
         month, you’re cost per CD manual will be $39.96 +
         3.50S&H = $43.46.

40% discount for sales between Twenty Six and Fifty CDs in one
         month, you’re cost per CD manual $29.97 + 3.50S&H = $33.47.

50% discount for sales over Fifty One per month, your cost per
         CD manual $24.97 + 3.50S&H = $28.47.

Retail price to you customers $49.95 + 3.50S&H = $53.45
Total gross income of $4,995.00 less S&H with sales of one hundred
CD manuals. Equals a total gross profit of $2,498.00.

With any of these options you do not have to actually stock any CDs. If you wish
to stock some CD manuals any that are unopened can be exchanged for
another that sales better for you. We handle all Tech Support. Any questions
call 903-566-1939 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM Central time or email

NOTE: All import duties and or fees are the purchaser’s responsibility.
Also all shipping is first class US Mail unless other arrangements are made.


Maydee & Kenneth
Classic Auto Manuals
1910 E.S.E. Loop 323 #317
Tyler, TX 75701


We do except check, money order, and or cashier check on the order form
simply select payment by check then mail your payment in U.S. Funds to:

Classic Auto Manuals
1910 E.S.E. Loop 323 #317
Tyler, Texas 75701

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